About KyaLoon

Does this happen to you when you are shopping for gadgets or home appliances?

Confusion after browsing many websites. 100-200 product variants. Contradictory advice from friends, colleagues, colony geek and self-proclaimed experts next door?

The common trap

You are smart enough to realise that branded products nowadays look and feel pretty similar, hence instead of showrooms, you visit online portals. First you browse many sites and reviews. Then you get confused. So you end up buying something expensive or with more features, most of which you neither understand nor need. Or you settle for a cheaper option to play safe, not realising that it will not fulfil your needs. Or you simply ask someone else to decide, who may have a completely different perspective.

Why does this happen?

Currently, there are over 3000 smartphones, over 1400 televisions, over 200 air-conditioners on some leading online platforms. Generally, they ask you to tick the desired specifications and the results pop up. But what if you are not a tech expert or don’t have a specific brand preference or don’t have the complete details of what is needed?

That’s why Kyaloon.com

At KyaLoon, we have spent months in researching the categories of electronics, connecting with experts, mystery-shopping, browsing blogs and videos, and decoding what really matters.

We ask you simple questions to understand your exact requirement and handpick the products that best match them. Thus, you get free personalised recommendation, minus the confusion, anxiety and time waste!

Why trust us?

First of all, we do not sell any products directly on our website. We merely show what’s best for you and redirect you to where you can buy. We do not recommend unnecessary products or brands for commission or give tempting offers to wrongly entice you. We also factor in tech advances so that you don’t end up buying a high-tech product that may get obsolete in a short span of time. We don’t even display product reviews, as they are highly subjective and often, non-personalised and confusing.

Secondly, even if a product is not available on our affiliate websites but matches your requirements, we may still recommend it and redirect you to the manufacturers’ website. How’s that for a true unbiased recommendation!

So, how do we survive? Well, we may earn a very small commission on some of the products, if you buy them through the links provided on our website. Or we may earn a small fee on advertisements shown on our website.

How Kyaloon works

  • Select the product category you are interested in
  • Answer a few simple questions in less than a minute
  • Get our recommendation on what's best suited for you
  • Get a options that also match your requirements
  • Look at the details of shortlisted products and compare, if you wish
  • Buy from wherever you like
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