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15 Jan 2020

Not just the content of food, but its cooking method also determines a lot about the quality of nutrition in your diet. Grilling is not just a fun activity; a part of the occasional Sunday brunch. It can also be very beneficial for your food and help you develop a healthy lifestyle.

Why is grilling food a healthier option? Here is a list of advantages of grilling food over other methods of cooking.

  • Cuts down the fat

    The fat content in meats drip down from it while grilling, preparing a lesser fatty diet with considerably less bad cholesterol. This improves cardiovascular health and lowers the risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke and obesity. If you are preparing a patty for burger, switching from gas stove to grill ovens might be the way to go. The patty will absorb the extra fat in the frying pan, whereas in grilling ovens it will simply grip off the grates, making it a healthier cooking method than frying, to say the least.
  • Unadulterated flavour and nutrition

    Grilling ensures that nutrients in the food remain intact due to indirect exposure to heating elements, consequently preserving a very natural flavour. This is true for both meats and vegetables which have water content. Grilling can be a healthier cooking method than steaming and boiling too, considering a lot of the essential mineral content of the food is drained out in the hot water/ water vapour.
  • Needs lesser seasoning and oils

    Grilling preserves and locks in more moisture than other cooking methods. Consequently you will have to put lesser sauces and butter on the food before grilling them. This makes grilling more convenient than gas cooking. Also, giving you lighter and less gaudy food, and at the same time saving on preparation time and add-on spices.
  • Very fun to do

    Lastly, grilling can be made into a fun activity, giving you some extra time to enjoy with family and friends. This recreational activity will at the same time encourage them to start a new healthy lifestyle.
    Grilling v/s gas stoves and other conventional cooking methods; which one will you choose for your friends, family, and yourself? Gas stoves for primary cooking are kitchen staples. But it is wise to have a separate OTG or Oven-Toaster-Griller as well. Not only it helps in efficient and flavorful preparation of food, but is also a healthier cooking mode and a very cost effective appliance that enables you to cook like a professional. The automated timers, temperature controls and settings can help you grill and roast food with a lot of ease. Having a separate appliance will also promote repeated use and consequently a healthier take on your everyday diet.
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