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7 tips to optimize smartphone battery life

09 Jan 2020

One of the most annoying and common issues with smartphones is limited and sometimes short battery life. With our growing dependence on Smartphones, heavy battery discharge is a common issue.

Smartphones use lithium-ion batteries for energy storage. In such battery, lithium metal and lithium ions move in and out of individual electrodes, causing them to physically expand and contract. However, such processes are not completely reversible and the batteries lose their charge capacity and voltage as the number of charges and discharge cycles grows.

Our mobile battery life depends on two factors:

  • How we used it on the particular day.
  • How we used it in the past.

If you too experience certain battery life issues in smartphones, then checkout these 7 tips and tricks to extend your battery life.


You can check in your settings which apps on your phone are consuming the most power. A lot of times its just one or two apps using all the battery in the background. Once you force stop these apps, they automatically save up a lot on phone battery life. Many of these high power consuming apps are killing your phone's battery, therefore it is always better to look out for those.


Normal lithium-ion batteries for mobile phones usually keep 80% of their charge capacity after 300-500 charge/discharge cycles. Unfortunately, batteries rarely produce this level of performance, with charge storage capacity sometimes reduced to 80% levels within only 100 cycles.

However, we can extend future phone battery capacity by limiting how much we discharge our mobile phone batteries. With most battery degradation occurring during deep discharge/charge cycles, it is better to limit the battery discharge during any one cycle before charging it again.


We need to make sure that the temperature to keep our phones is just right. The ideal range of temperature to keep our phone ranges between 0-45 degree Celsius. Any temperature higher or lower than that will negatively affect your phone's battery.


Location service on your phone uses a lot of battery power, and therefore you must make sure to turn off location when you're not using apps that require location services. Some apps that usually use location are SnapChat, Uber, maps, or games such as Pokémon Go.


That shaking of your phone is shaking off a lot of energy, in our case battery power. So it is better you turn off the vibration if you want to make your phone's battery last longer.


The simplest method to save battery life while maintaining full-function is to lower the brightness of the screen. For devices that have an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display, you can also use the "light on dark" option for viewing. Not only it is better for the eyes in the dark, it will also help save your phone battery.


If you turn off your cellular network and switch to Airplane mode, it will disable GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS functions on your devices. When turning off all these high power consuming functions, the device will use only up to 5% of its usual energy consumption with the screen off.

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9 must have apps for smartphones

15 Jan 2020

Top productivity apps to get the most out of your smartphones

Smartphones are probably the most useful devices of our time and naturally have become an inevitable aspect of our daily routines. They have changed the way we work and have made our life easier.

Smartphone apps can help you make the most out of your device in way you probably hadn’t thought of. Here is our selection of the top 7 apps which are a must-have on latest smartphones.


    It's an app for smartphone, tablet, computer, and even your Moleskine notebook. It's just what the name implies: an application that serves as your note taker, PDA, pocket notebook, to-do list, etc. The beauty of Evernote is that it syncs automatically across all your devices, and across all your operating systems.

    As obvious has it has become now, “Look before you leave!”, the motto of Google maps has integrated as beautifully in our lives as this app has in the hands of all smartphone users. Google Maps makes the navigation to any part of the world so easy. You may be travelling by a cab service, car, two-wheeler or on foot; Google Map would update you in live time and show you the shortest route to your destination.

    Now that you’ve used Google map and travelled to some new destination, we wonder if you could use some local slang? Google translate is helping people all over the world to communicate with each other creating the ultimate global village, where this app can not only auto-detect and translate the written text but also text on images to the language of your understanding.

    With Duolingo, you can learn a new language anytime, anywhere, at your convenience! Duolingo is the most popular language-learning platform and the most downloaded education app in the world, with more than 300 million users. By just giving a few minutes a day, you can learn a new language easily.

    For the fast placed millenniums and working professionals always on the go who need to keep up with the changing world around them, Inshorts brings a unique way of presenting a 360-degree view of current affairs and features on politics, sports, business and technology, all summarized in less than 60 words per article.

    This app is designed for all levels of photographers who want to improve their skills. It gives you easy access to advanced features that will help the user to adjust focus and light during shooting. You can make adjustments in real-time, zoom with just one finger and improve the overall quality of your photos.

    This app will allow you to find your phone by a simple clapping if it often happens to you to lose your phone in the office, the room. Now you will forget that panicked feeling when you can't find your smartphone. Just clap your hands to activate your phone and make it produce a sound which can be easily customized. This is also a low battery consumption app so this always-activated app will not drain your battery life.

    These two are free music discovery app that can listen and identify what song you are playing. The music player gives you full-length songs and videos with real-time song lyrics. So next time you listen to a lit song and want to know the details, all you have to do is one tap.

    Train your brain through challenging games with Lumosity for Android. Lumosity is a free app, designed by scientists and designers, with feature games that improve your memory, cognitive abilities, and problem-solving skills, through a daily mental training program.
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How to curb screen addiction 5 Tips for digital well being

10 Feb 2020

With the growing dependence on Smartphones, the addiction to smartphones has become a real thing. The scariest part about this smartphone addiction is that you don't know about your addiction till you think hard about it and try not to use your phone.

This addiction affects your day to day activities on a large scale both physically as well as mentally. This could be because just like other drugs, smartphones also give an escape from reality. Studies have found that humans are attracted to things that give them a sense of distraction.

In earlier times, smartphones were used as a tool for communication, however, with time it is used for many other things. We don't just use our smartphones, we rely on them, and this has become a major concern.

Our brains on smartphones produce the same chemical ‘Dopamine’, the feel-good chemical, which gives us an instant high. Similarly, having access to a constant flow of information has all but destroyed attention spans.

The impacts of smartphone addiction don't stop there but goes beyond; our overuse of technology has completely transformed how we communicate and interact with other people. Instead of getting real face time with the people in our lives, we often hide behind a screen.

While technology can be a useful tool for keeping us connected, we have to be careful with when and how we use it. Follow these 5 easy steps to cut down on your screen time;

1.Don’t check your phone first thing in the morning

2.Stay away from blue light or any digital screen at least a hour before you go to bed

3.Open your curtains before bed and rely on natural light instead for digital alarms to wake up.

4.Use blue light filters on your screens

5.Install a Screen-Time Check app to monitor the time spent on screen on different apps.

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