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5 bestsellers in microwave cooking

09 Jan 2020

The introduction of microwave cooking technology has made working the kitchen a cakewalk. If you are a not-so-keen cook who is trying their hand at home cooked food, say for a better lifestyle choice or mere experimental reasons, microwave oven cooking can help you hack the game and even sparkle a new interest in your culinary skills. Using this very technology, there are many recipes you can cook in microwave oven in minutes.

These ovens do come with a choice of auto cook menus which can prepare for you delicious gourmet at the ease of pressing a button. But now if you are trying to up your game a notch, and go past ready-to-eat finger foods and instant cup noodles, go for some home cooking recipe books specially written for microwave cooking. Unlike popular belief, a wide range of cuisines and cooking styles can be pulled off with ease and exceptional taste; from grilling and baking, to continental and even heavy Indian preparations. Also, the food prepared will not consume heavy and gaudy spices, and won’t compromise on the nutrients and texture like other heat-cooking styles. Now that’s a winner deal!

To get you started, here is our selection of 5 top selling microwave cooking recipe guides;

  • Instant Pot Cookbooks

    “Instant Pot Cookbook” is a series of ultimate recipe compilations, authored by top chefs and celebrity home cooks. Each book written specialises in either a style of cuisine, maturity of cooking, of simply the top picks of home cooked dishes that season. They also guide you with nutrition facts for every recipe in the book.
  • A Man, a Can, a Microwave- by David Joachim

    The “A Man, A Can” series was written with a view that there are a number of dishes which any inexperienced man can well-prepare too. And now with this special microwave cooking edition assures you that these “guy-friendly” recipes will get you to practice fun cooking with boring packaged ingredients as well.
  • Microwave Mug Recipes- by Julie Hatfield

    It just cannot get simpler than this. Julie Hatfield brings to you 50 recipes you can simply cook in a microwavable mug, right on the go... or if you are simply feeling lazy!
  • Vegan Microwave Cookbook - by Nancy Berkoff

    Nope, nobody forgot about the vegans here. There are a number of food dishes you can prepare with the limited ingredient options of vegan diet, and Berkoff has made it clear that they are definitely worth a try. Non-vegans too can try for themselves how tasty can it finally be to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Microwave Cooking Made Easy – by Sanjeev Kapoor

    And lastly something from our very desi celebrity chef, who truly has wanted us to believe for decades now that cooking, can be made easy. This must have book lists many Indian snacks and full course meals you can cook in microwave in just few simple button presses.

Bring home one now, and start experimenting gourmet!

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