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8 features to look for in your new ac

27 Jan 2020

The world of Air Conditioning buying guide technology is advancing by the hour. With the latest and more attractive features being endorsed by competitive brands, they sure have caught our eye by compare ac online

If you are looking to best ac for home or want to keep abreast with the latest development in the AC technology world, here are the top 8 new technologies in air conditioners;

1. Digital Inverter Compressor

Digital inverter technology is one of the most important innovations of AC technology. To provide better efficiency, the leading brands have started using the dual inverter technology. It gives an increased operating frequency range which enables to increase the efficiency of cooling inside the rooms.

The inverters come with advanced BLDC motors (Brush-Less Direct-Current motors) which help to maintain the desired temperature with minimal power fluctuations. Other concepts help the inverter to optimize its peak performance even in the extreme temperatures, helping in achieving the perfect cooling for the room and maximize energy saving.

2. Sensor network for smart cooling

This feature comes with different names like ‘follow me’, ‘iSee” technology, ‘Smart Human sensor’ etc. It detects the number of people inside the room as well as recognizes human absence to optimally cool the room.

Another feature allows the sensor to be placed inside the remote that controls the cooling in accordance to the information received from the remote sensor.

3. Pollution Control

Since the pollution levels have tremendously increased, the manufacturers recognize the importance of air filtration for a healthy lifestyle of the consumer. The PM 2.5 and VOCs are two major hazardous elements which affect the health of the consumer.

The best ac for home unit creates a bio climate inside the room which prevents the ions of hydrogen and oxygen to mix up with harmful bacteria and other airborne agents. Also available are some models of air conditioner with air purifying filters. In an aim to give out non polluted air, some ACs also use multiple stages of filtration through which the cooled air is passed, doubling as air purifiers.

4. Humidity Control

During the rainy season conventional air conditioners not only consume more energy but also make the room uncomfortably cold which leads to health ailments like common cold, severe headache etc.

The AC manufacturers have found out a way from the above mentioned problems with features like Dehumidification, Auto Humid Control or dry mode, which make sure that the air conditioner detects the high humidity outside the room; thus enabling them to deliver dry clean and fresh air without any stickiness even in the most humid regions.

5. Auto Clean

Filters are an important component of the ACs and if ignored, it could drastically reduce the cooling capacity. But the manufacturers have designed a solution for this pestering problem. With features like iClean or Blowclean mode the manufacturers have dedicated a dust box which collects the dust particles swept by the brush or blown by the blower.

The cleaning barely takes 5 to 7 minutes to complete and once it is completed, the brush or the blower comes back to its original position providing the user a hassle free cooling experience.

6. Controlling AC via Wi-Fi and smartphones

Many AC manufacturers have developed apps to control the AC using a smartphone. These apps come with features like Wi-Fi Connect technology and Wi-Fi Direct functionality. Connect the AC with the Wi-Fi router and you can easily control the AC from anywhere, including from outside the home.

This can be particularly useful if you wish to have a cooled room ready for you when you are back home after a long workday. Some apps would also give the estimated power usage of the AC and other details, differing in models from brand to brand.

7. 4D Airflow

There was a time of conventional ACs with 2-way cooling system. The AC manufacturers introduced functions like the 4D swing function and the Coanda airflow.

These features enable the cool air to blow in multiple directions in the room to ensure thorough cooling, also spreading the air flow in a way that it does not directly hit the people in the room with the help of a bigger fan. As a result, every corner in the room is nearly as cool as the area in front of the AC blade.

8. Fast Cooling technology

With a lot of buzz around the ‘fast technology’, manufacturers have adopted various methods and techniques to cool the room as quickly as possible. The features vary from different brands and come with the names such as Hcool, PowerChill and 3D cool extreme.

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This technology helps bring down the room temperature to a comfortably cool level in a matter of minutes without compromising on the energy saving aspect.

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