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9 additional features to look for guide to buying refrigerators

22 Apr 2020

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Apart from the refrigerator door types, size and capacity, there are some very important features you must consider in your new refrigerators. This extension of the refrigerator buying guide will help you with what else to look for when buying a new refrigerator model.

Here are our picks for the top 9 features to look for in a refrigerator.

1. The finish and color

Refrigerators have been a staple appliance in all urban homes for decades now. With the popularity of modular kitchens, owning one fancy model has become a necessity of fashion more than utility, considering all refrigerators might work more or less the same.

Hence matching your new refrigerator to other appliances can be a great move aesthetically, most popular being the stainless-steel designs. It’s durable, easy to clean, and fits into most décor. Glossy black and bright solid colors might be your other choices.

2. Fingerprint-resistant

A great addition to the exterior surface finish of the model’s body, a protective coating is added which resists smudges and smears. For a home with kids or pets, or simply for the added ease of single-swipe cleaning, this is a must-have feature.

3. Functional drawers and shelves

Depending upon your use of food containers, frozen food packets and bottles, select the most appropriate layout of drawers and shelves. Make sure the shelves and drawers can be removed smoothly for cleaning purposes.

Toughed glass shelves are more durable and easier to clean than plastic ones. Adjustable shelving which you can add or remove shelf slabs to increase and decrease space volume is advisable.

4. Water/ice dispensers

Mostly found on side by side models, these water and ice dispensers are becoming more and more common on the flagship models by all top brands. You can simply dispense cold water or ice into your glass or container by pressing it against an inbuilt lever without the need to open the refrigerator.

5. Deodorizer with 360° air circulation

Most frost-free refrigerator models come with great mechanisms to ensure the proper air circulation and even cooling of the food items inside the fridge is maintained. But most of the times, this leads to odor from open exposed food packet/container getting absorbed into the other.

Deodorizers remove odor from your fridge and prevents contamination of exposed items with the use of powerful filters. This ensures a fresh-lock on your food items which will remain fresh and odor-free from foods kept nearby.

6. Extended warranty

Most refrigerators come with a decent 7-10 year warranty on the compressor, but the hidden terms and conditions might show that your existing warranty may not cover broken parts and other damages after probably just a couple of years.

Considering refrigerators are long term investments purchased with a usage intent for at least 8 to 10 years, it might be a smart move to shell just a few more bucks into buying an extended warranty. Most movable parts which are likely to break down will do so in the first 3-4 years. If your refrigerator survives that, it’ll most likely survive the long run with normal use. So, better to be ensured for those initial years at least.

7. Energy efficiency

Unlike other devices and appliances in your homes, refrigerators run all days of the years, all hours of the day. This definitely translates to consuming big units of electricity for years at a stretch.

To save huge bucks from your electricity bills in the long run, make an investment in buying a refrigerator model which is higher on energy efficiency ratings. You can also go for refrigerators working on inverter technology. They sense the outdoor temperatures and adjust the internal cooling accordingly to save the load on the compressor; hence saving money.

8. Cool pack

If you live in an area which experiences frequent power cuts, going up to long hours, having a cool pack feature maybe a life saver. This feature is capable of keeping the freezer cool without any power supply for up to 12 hours, varying between manufacturing brands.

9. Voltage stabilizer

Again very useful with such frequent voltage fluctuations, a refrigerator with an in-built voltage stabilizer is the best choice. These appliances are meant to work 24x7 all 365 days of a year, for 10-15 years most commonly. You’d surely like to take a few steps to ensure that the compressor is protected from high voltage fluctuations.

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