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air purifiers complete buying guide

11 Mar 2020

13 Features and factors to consider while buying an Air Purifier

While browsing through catalogue and choosing the best air purifier to buy, you’ll notice how most of the appliances are so similar yet so different. Give attention to detail and you’ll see the different array of features present in them. Some may be gimmicky but some are very attractive and useful, turning your preferences towards them.

This Complete Guide for Buying Air Purifiers will try to briefly explain each of these features you must look for while buying an air purifier;

1. ACR ratings

Air Change Rate is a marking for the purifying capacity of air purifiers, telling you how many times an air purifier can clean the air inside a room for a specified square footage.

2. CADR ratings

It stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate and is a rating for effectiveness. It tells us about the devices’ ability in eliminating Dust, Tobacco Smoke and pollen from the air. It is usually always measured with the top fan speed of the device.

Also check out our article “Air purifier ratings: Understanding the ACR and CADR markings” for more details.

3. Air Quality Sensors 

Automatic air-quality monitoring is a great feature to have in your air purifiers. It keeps a track of the level of PM 2.5 pollutants suspended in the air in live time and adjusts the program of the device accordingly.

4. Air Quality Display

This display panel will not only show the digital controls and current settings of the appliance, but will also display the live results of the air purifier’s effectiveness from the air quality sensors.

5. Noise levels

Air purifiers with fans and motor will inevitably produce some amount of noise, but it need not be a lot. Some produce so little sounds that they double as a white noise device. Do test the device for noise level before buying.

6. Nightlight 

This is a very handy feature to have. It will avoid tripping over the device in the dark, and also double as a nightlight.

7. Antimicrobial Treatment 

UV lamps, Carbon filter and other anti-bacterial coatings on air purifier filters help in eliminating harmful pathogen from the air we breathe.

8. Filter Replacement indicator

As useful as it sounds, this indicator will automatically detect and tell you when the filters have worn out. It is very important since disposing the filters too soon is a waste of money indeed, but using filters beyond their life not only puts load on the device while consuming more electricity, it adversely affects the life of the motors too and also adversely impacts the purifying capability of the device.

9. Maintenance Cost and After-Sales Service

Air purifier maintenance is usually a very low costing service, and they anyway don’t require frequent servicing like air conditions and kitchen chimneys. But it is wise to choose your device from a brand which provides authorized after-sales maintenance in case of need.

10. Warranty

Having a reasonable warranty period with any electrical device is advised, and it is the same for air purifiers too.

11. Manufacturer’s reputation

Read ratings and reviews and do a thorough check on the manufacturing party.

12. Power Consumption: 

In general, air purifiers consume very less energy, ranging between 50- 200 watts for proper functioning. Yet a standard procedure before buying any electrical device, opt for one which has the lowest or reasonable power consumption and most efficient electric consumption rating.

13. Handles and wheels

Lastly, having comfortable handles on the side of the appliance and wheels at the bottom will make it handy to carry the purifier or to shift it across the room.

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