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choosing the right door style for refrigerators

11 Mar 2020

Refrigerators are a standard appliance present is every urban home across the globe. These are long term working appliances which typically last 10-15 years without many technological revolutions forcing you to keep up with the newer models. For these reasons, you must buy one which will sustain your growing needs in the years to come.

It is wise to know that a good layout of drawers and shelves might be more important for some, those who cook less often or for more meal at a time, they’d need larger refrigerators, whereas for those who have a lot of frozen food need lesser racks and more freezer drawers. It comes down to knowing what you’ll need the refrigerator for.

This refrigerators buying guide would help you compare refrigerators online, to weigh the benefits the different door type of refrigerators offer, helping you make an informed choice with your next purchase.

1. Single door

These are the most economical options there are for refrigerators. They don’t have a separate door for freezer, but a freezer box installed in the upper volume of the fridge. You are most likely to find these designs in smaller capacity sizes, not more than 250 liter volumes.

They are most suitable for couples, bachelors, and tenants. These are lower models of refrigerators out there so you will find both direct cool and frost-free variants, most likely direct cool.

Also check out our article “Direct-cool vs. Frost-free” for more information.

2. Double door

As the name suggests they have two doors instead of one, hence a separate volume for freezer. There are 2 possible orientations for the same available in the market.

a. Top freezer

The double door refrigerators have the freezer compartment at the top and refrigerator at the bottom. These are, hands down, the most popular designs out there.

Even with the advent of new technology and orientation designs hitting the market this past decade, these still make up for the most units sold every year across all manufacturing companies globally, thanks to its attractive price range, variable size range, options to customize with attractive features, and most importantly familiarity of design

b. Bottom freezer

On an average, general users open their freezers 1:10 times than their use of refrigerator compartments. Keeping this in mind, these double door refrigerators have the freezer compartment at the bottom, most commonly as a drum drawer, and refrigerator at the top.

Although the design is very thoughtful, these units are outsold by top freezer refrigerators by huge numbers. It could be the standardization of top freezer design that is to blame, but surely the fact that bottom freezers do cost a little more than its competitor adds to its disadvantage.

c. Side by side

Of the double door variants, this one is not very high on sales of unit scale. According to the design, the refrigerator compartment is split into two sections right from the centre. The left side is for the freezer and right one is for refrigerator.

For buyers who consume a lot of frozen food packets definitely would find this an ideal orientation. Also for those who have space constraint around the refrigerator have a benefit in using this kind of double door fridge since when you open either door, a doors of only half the width of the refrigerator needs to swing open.

There are definitely some advantages to this design, but it only targets a small section of buyers.

3. French doors

These door styles are gaining a lot of popularity n the recent times. It is definitely outsold by the top-freezers as of now, but it is definitely one of the two most popular designs for large capacity refrigerators.

These have a twin door for refrigerator use in the top and a bottom drawer for freezer in the bottom. You will find lesser shelf slabs inside it but a more versatile layout of side holders on the doors. Additional features like water and ice dispensers are more common in these than standard top-freezers, since French doors are at the top end of the price range and technology when it comes to refrigerators. This is also why you’ll find them in high capacity volumes usually.

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