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11 Mar 2020

What size of an air purifier do I need?

The popular misconception related to air purifiers is that it’s a one-size-fits-all machine. As neglected as this preliminary step while buying an air purifier might be, calculating and properly sizing an air cleaner for a room need not just be a necessary task, but also a clever one.

Having an air purifier which is cheaper and smaller for a room bigger than the devices’ prescribed square footed will waste more of your money than saving it. For instance, if an air purifier for a 300 sq. ft room area is placed in 450 sq. ft room, it will put unnecessary pressure on the appliance.

  • Air purifiers with auto cut-offs won’t ever meet their expected targets and continue working on for long hours
  • Estimated lives of the filters be reduced
  • Air purifier will end up consuming more electricity
  • Yet, you will never get your desired results

The ACR and CADR ratings on your air purifier are meant for the prescribed square footage recommended by the manufactures. If you place an air purifier meant for smaller rooms in a bigger one, neither will it be able to serve the, for example, 4x or 5x Air Change Rate, nor will be as effective as the 150/200/160 Clean Air Delivery Rate markings, for instance.

So, how to properly size an air cleaner for a room?

It is honestly very simple; just calculate the square area for which you want to buy an air purifier. For a larger open space with multiple rooms, sum the square footage of the individual rooms and now that is the minimum square footage for which you need an air purifier.

It is always wise to choose an air purifier meant for area equal to or a little larger than your calculated area, not the other way around.

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