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conventional refrigerator vs inverter refrigerator

22 Apr 2020

Why should your next purchase be an inverter refrigerator?

The refrigerators which we commonly see at homes use basic technologies which, without a doubt have given us good and reliable results. But with rising energy costs people are getting more and more conscious about working efficiency and power consumption of these appliances.

The growing popularity of the inverter refrigerators has made us stop and wonder, why they are so popular in the first place. “How do inverter refrigerators work?” Well, let’s find out.

Conventional refrigerators

These economical refrigerator models work on a simple on and off mechanism. When the power is on and the doors of the refrigerators are closed, the compressors start at the highest, and honesty, at the only programmable speed of the cooling compressor. When an optimum low temperature is achieved, the compressors shut down automatically and start again when the temperatures begin to rise.

The advantage of conventional refrigerators is that they always cool as top speeds, giving high and fast results, and of course they are cheaper too. But when they start at such high load, not only they consume a lot of power, too much at times, but also produce a lot of noise during turning on.

Inverter refrigerators

These come at the higher end on technological innovations. As the name might suggest, they have an inverter built in their compressors. They don’t start at top speeds at the very go. Rather, they start at low speeds, gradually optimising their performances with the temperature requirements.

One may consider them to perform slowly for this very reason, but the fact remains that they can work at adjustable speeds, maintaining their efficient performance which saves both energy and money. And also, the gradual increase of compressor load will not produce as much noise.

Features/Performance Conventional refrigerators Inverter refrigerators
Cost Economical models. Cost more, but due to the growing standardisation of this technology, not much difference in the cost.
Power usage Consume more power due to high un-regularised usage of compressor. Can save up to 20-30% on your electricity bills due to optimisation of compressor speeds.
Cooling speed Very fast cooling, always at high speeds. Starts with slow cooling speed which stabilises at higher cooling speed as required.
Efficiency Poor efficiency. Very high efficiency.
Noise Levels High noise level. Negligible noise level.
Compressor On-and-off compressor. Always on compressor.
Adjustable speeds Single non-adjustable speed. Adjustable speed.
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