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decoding gimmicky features in washing machines

15 Jun 2020

The market for washing machines is very competitive. Stuffed with designer models and “latest technological innovations in washing machines”, many washing machine manufacturers tend to advertise their products in a manner to attract maximum populace.

It can also be seen how different terminologies mean the same thing but some brands coin different words for the same and use them as marketing gimmicks. For instance, the very common Fuzzy Logic washing cycles which are available in most of the latest fully-automatic washing machines can be labelled as ‘Smart Rinse’ or ‘6th Sense’ under different brands.

Here below we list some of the well-advertised and popular washing machine programs which may not be so special, just products of marketing strategies.

1. Water heating mechanisms

Your washing machine may come with two separate water inlet connections, one in which you could connect hot water supply as per your choice. But many manufacturers highly advertise machines which are capable of heating the cold water supplied into the drum, leading to ‘best quality washing’.

It must be understood that in most cases, cold water washing gives the same result as a hot water wash. If anything, you can pre-soak your clothes in the drum for a more efficient cleaning cycle. Heating element will consume more power supply, and would anyway be harmful to your colour clothes, elastics, and delicate pieces such as lingerie.

2. Stain Experts

Both washing machines and machine-load detergent companies have joined hands to convince their customers that 100% of all stains can be taken care of in the machine. Well, some stain expert washing machines might be available to provide scrubbing and tougher washing functions without compromising the integrity of your clothes, but it is impossible to achieve targeted action on rigid and untreated stains.

You could pre-soak the affected area in stain expert detergents and scrub it before hand to somewhat get clean results after the washing machine cycle. Sprinkling salt over wine stains, or pre-soaking ink and dye stains with glycerine can be other options too.

3. Neat, Untangled and Wrinkle free

Sure, the washing machines can be programmed in a way to minimise the harsh spins, but due to the very mechanism behind washing machines, the clothes must spin inside the washing drum at high Revolutions per Minute.

If your clothes have long sleeves or legs that have been thrown into the drum improperly, or there are stringy or delicate laces like elements in your clothes, there is a high chance they will get tangled under the machine’s action. Shirts may have lesser creases in the iron-free mode by avoiding highest RPM, but sure there will be wrinkles.

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