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Does energy star rating really matter in Air Conditioners

10 Feb 2020

Have you noticed the star ratings on the body of your appliances? Which a higher rated and higher costing AC should be preferred? Read to know more.

What is Energy star rating?

Star rating is a universal factor used to determine the energy efficiency of any electrical appliance. It ranges from 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest. Higher the rating of the product, more energy efficient it will be, resulting in cheaper electricity bill. But naturally, a unit with higher rating of the same tonnage of the same is more expensive than the one with lesser stars.

The star ratings are provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). It is determined by a ratio called the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) which is the ratio of the cooling capacity of an AC.

The BEE frequently revises the ratings for better and up to date ratings. Furthermore, the ratings also show how eco friendly the air conditioner is, a 5-Star rated air conditioner will release lesser amounts of CFCs and gases in the environment as compared to a less rated air conditioner.

Which star rating to choose?

AC with a 5 star rating will cool the same room more efficiently as compared to an AC with a lower rating. It will also consume less power and energy which will result in a cheaper electricity bill. But a 5 star AC will also cost much more than a 1 star AC, therefore only energy efficiency can not be the sole factor to determine which star rated AC to buy.

Factors such as the amount of electricity units used, season of use and time of use also play a major role in selecting the correct AC. If the appliance is to be used every day and continuously during the season then it’s advisable to choose the 5 star AC, since the operating cost of the AC will be much less than a lower rated AC.

The difference in the initial purchase cost can easily be recovered in a matter of few years. Whereas if the usage of the AC is not much then the user can even go for a 1 star AC, since the basic cost will be cheaper and it comparatively will be used for much less hours during the year.

Final Word

Since everything comes with a cost, a 5 star air conditioner will naturally be costlier than a 1 star air conditioner of the same company of the same tonnage.

The annual operating hours and per unit cost of electricity are the 2 major factors to decide upon which rating Air Conditioner to purchase.

It is typically recommended to go for a BEE 5 star rated AC or further Inverter Tech AC if usage of AC is more than 1000 hours in a year and per unit cost of electricity is more than Rs 5 per unit (if the per unit cost is higher, it is recommended for lower the yearly usage also).

(Also check out our article “When to consider an inverter AC” for more information about energy efficient Air Conditioners.)

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