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17 Jun 2020

If you are looking to buy the best microwave oven and have visited some stores or researched online, chances are you are already overwhelmed by the microwave oven types and models available on sale in the market and are wondering which the right model for your cooking needs is. Apart from power efficiency, price range, capacity, and warranty, there are so more important features to look for when making an important and informed purchase. Primarily, more than the sale schemes and post-sales promise, one must take a note of what features are good to have in a microwave oven, and if they are required by you.

Here is a list of some of the most important features to look for in your microwave oven model;

1. Auto Cook menu

This feature is the very basic feature your microwave oven must have. Some foods like instant noodles, popcorns, and other items require a specific set-amount of heating time at a constant temperature. For people on a run, to trying their hand at home cooking for the first time, this feature can be a handyman, as well as a lifesaver.

2. Multi-stage cooking

Some high-end ovens come with a set of preloaded heating programs as per the recipe you desire to cook. Just place your food item inside the oven, and the program will automatically alternate between various temperatures at different times, depending upon the stage of cooking. This is an ideal cooking tool for Indian foods like curries and ‘halwas’ which at a particular interval may require high temperatures to cook, and at other intervals would need to be set at a low simmer.

3. Pre-heat

It is not safe to heat an empty microwave without any food for the microwaves to be targeted upon. But some dishes, especially bakery items, require the cooking process to be started only after meeting a required temperature mark. For these purposes, it is good to have a preheating mechanism.

4. Auto-defrost

Be it defrosting a big chicken before dinner preps, or thawing chilled fruits to juice them with ease, all you have to do is enter either the weight of the food, or the estimated time required by the food to defrost, depending upon the model. This can be extremely handy and save upon hours in your pre-preparations.

5. Timer

It is a very basic feature which helps you cook your food without any auto cook menus in your oven. Simply enter the time you estimate your food needs to cook inside the microwave oven.

6. Rotisserie

If you are a big fan of barbeques and grilling, you should look for a model with this feature. While using this mode, place the special grilling racks inside, and simply cook the dishes you relish the most.

7. Child lock

This is a must have feature you need in your microwave oven if you have small and curious kids at home, who are likely to press some colorful buttons on the control panel and auto start your device without any food inside.

8. Operating control panel

Lastly, be sure your device model has an easy-to-operate control panel which displays out all functions, feature, and programs in an informative manner.

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