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guide to air purifiers-the relief of breathing fresh air

09 Jan 2020

What’s the purpose and benefits of an air purifier?

Effects of Air pollution on us

Pollution of natural resources is a reality and its effects on humankind is inevitable as it is becoming. But while some solutions to land and water pollution are there in the form of organically grown food and purified drinking water, of the many health-conscious practices that we wish to imbibe in our everyday lives, we neglect the very air that we breathe.

Rising cases of causalities caused due to the rise of air pollution in India highlight these as the most common effects of breathing in polluted air;

  • Dust allergies
  • Asthma
  • Asthma
  • Increased pressure on lungs making one susceptible to breathing difficulties

Why do you need an Air Purifier for our Homes?

The lack of awareness for air pollution has its adverse effects on all of us equally. But some of its major effects on our health can be very well taken care of, thanks to the revolutionary air purifiers.

The indoor air in our homes and offices can be up to 2-5 times as polluted and toxic as the air outdoors, primarily due to high concentrations of toxic particulate matter inside closed walls, with lack of air circulation being an additional factor. Breathing-in this air can cause a number of respiratory diseases and allergies.

Considering the fact that we can spend almost 80% of our daily hours indoors, it makes it evident that the need for clean indoor air is urgent and necessary. The lack of awareness among the public about indoor pollution is both shocking and unfortunate, but all we can do, and must do, is act before we start facing the consequences.

How does having an Air Purifier help?

The major pollutants which may affect the quality of the air inside your very homes may be;

  • Seasonal pollens
  • Dust and debris from construction nearby
  • Incense sticks and candle fumes
  • Tobacco smell and smoke from cigarettes/cigars
  • Toxic fumes from paint, varnish aerosol sprays and pesticides
  • Pet dander
  • Dust mites and bacteria
  • Mold formation in damper areas or during monsoons
  • Oil and spice residue from open kitchens

The air purifier is a simple yet powerful appliance which filters out these pollutants from the surrounding places.

How do air purifiers work? They pull the surrounding air similar to how a kitchen chimney or air conditioner does. Their specially built filters work to trap the particulate matter, germs and odor, expelling out clean, sterile and fresh air.

What are the benefits of air purifiers?

Needless to say, homes with pregnant women, people with breathing issues like asthma, children and pets need air purification arrangements to be made for a healthier living. But it’ll be wrong to say that not everyone benefits from breathing in air of good quality.

Even if you don’t suffer from any breathing difficulties, allergies or experience high polluted air in your city, having an air purifier will not only ensure that you stay healthy and safe from these diseases and allergies, but also safe guard yourselves from the effects of the slow poisoning air pollution has threatened us all with.

The major benefits of air purifiers give many attractive reasons to buy one the earliest;

  • Reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies
  • Avoid mold formation indoors
  • Traps in microbes which may lead to infections
  • Cancel-out pungent smell from pets, dampness, etc
  • Removes second-hand smoke from burning tobacco
  • Prevent dust

Air purifiers improve health by not just sterilizing our homes from micros and allergens. Results have shown that air purifiers help with sleep since while we’re sleeping, our breathing slows down and air purifiers reduce the pressure on our respiratory systems by providing us with pre-filtered and purified air.

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