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how microwave ovens changed our food for good

17 Jun 2020

Can you recollect how the need for ‘quick fixes” has impacted our lives? Probably not, since we have grown so accustomed to them in our every-day routines. So look at it this way; what if you couldn’t reheat your last night’s leftover in seconds, or had to wait for hours if you forgot to get the chicken out of the freezer in time, or just were out of popcorn and needed pressure cookers to prepare some in the short movie intervals.

Well, now that we have your attention, one can make out what revolution this smart cooking technology of microwave ovens hasbeen brought about in our kitchens. It is easy, fast, efficient and convenient cooking on the go. The food prepared is very safe, hot, and nutritious too. One of these devices can be found in most ofthe modern kitchens all across the globe, and the shorter cooking time and ease in usage has significantly affected the life of working professionals and people who are always on the clock.

Most importantly, it has revived the practice of cooking meals at home, and that has a major impact on the lives of young professionals. The importance of home cooked food is well known and widely understood. No matter how many food joints are ready to deliver your favourite lip-smacking dishes right at your doorstep, such food is not the most nutritious, hygienic, and doesn’t help maintain a balanced diet. Contrasting to that if we compare the benefits of home cooking, the food we prepare at home is always prepared with more care and consciousness, and definitely helps define a routine.

The convenience of microwave cooking has not only made people more aware of their own diet, but also made the tedious task of self-preparation a breeze. After all, no matter how healthy something might be, we tend to neglect that in defence of our convenience. Making absolutely delicious gourmet out of boring packed ingredients wouldn’t have been so fun if it wasn’t for microwave cooking. And more than that, with its handy features like timer, auto cook menu, defrost and multistage cooking, not to forget the bundled recipe books, from simple cooking to complex, everything has been taken care of.

Now the only thing which will stop you from home cooking is going to be your own mood of the day. Since, no more excuses will be given room. Microwave cooking has simplified our lives just for the good!

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