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11 Mar 2020

Fridge cleaning hacks in 7 simple steps

Keeping refrigerator clean and fresh can be a more challenging task than cleaning the rest of your entire kitchen. Many opt for refrigerator cleaning services, but practically you should clean your refrigerator at home more often than waiting for a service.

Considering it is where the food is left exposed for the longest, you don’t want to leave your refrigerator unsanitary, stained and definitely with any odor. But it is not necessarily such a complicated task.

In this refrigerator buying guide will explain the easiest and 7 most recommended ways to keep fridge clean and fresh.

1. Empty the fridge

As obvious it may sound, remove even the smallest sealed packet from a corner hidden shelf before you start. You don’t want any residue from refrigerator cleaning agents being left on the surfaces of the items left inside.

2. Remove all removable parts

Take out the shelf slabs and drawers and soak them in warm water and dish washing liquid solution. Not only it gives you a lot of empty space inside the fridge to clean clearly, a pre-soaking step will help remove any stains from frozen leftovers. That also leaves the groves in which the shelves and drawer are attached open for cleaning.

3. Use mild cleaning agents

Refrain from using any kitchen cleaners inside the refrigerator. They are meant for the kitchen counters, walls and floor; definitely not for where your food is left locked inside for hours at a stretch.

You can use a solution made up of your ordinary dish washing liquid and warm water. You can opt for mild exclusive fridge cleaning agents made up of natural elements like citrus oil.

4. Treat the stains

Treat the spill stains on the shelves and dirt collected in the groves. They are where most of the disease causing germs breeds. While soaking the removable shelves and vegetable drawers, make sure to apply a paste made up of baking soda and vinegar and let it rest. The stains would come off with ease.

For the walls inside the fridge, clean refrigerator with vinegar and baking soda again, but dilute this paste with water and use it with a spray bottle. This homemade fridge cleaner spray makes targeting all groves and corners easy.

5. Clean the residue

After the cleaning processes are done, let the suspended mist and detergent residue settle down for some 15 minutes. Then take a microfiber clothe or a good quality sponge, soak it in warm to hot water, rinse it and wipe all the surfaces inside the fridge. This will prevent any remaining food and detergent from contaminating your food.

6. Clear the stock

After you’re done with the cleaning part, do check for the freshness of foods and expiration dates on packages as you start placing them back in the fridge. Besides consuming precious space inside the refrigerator with items no longer worth consuming/storing, retaining such expired items can have adverse effects of smell, as well as risk of mistaken consumption. Cleaning cycle of the refrigerator can be one of the best times to do this periodically.

7. Check for prescribed methods

While the above steps are usually valid for most models of refrigerators, it is a good idea to go through the maintenance guidelines given by the manufacturer for that specific model to make sure that the best practices are followed while cleaning and maintaining the appliance. This also ensures that in case the use of certain cleaning products is prohibited by the manufacturers, the user is aware of that.

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