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How to curb screen addiction 5 Tips for digital well being

10 Feb 2020

With the growing dependence on Smartphones, the addiction to smartphones has become a real thing. The scariest part about this smartphone addiction is that you don't know about your addiction till you think hard about it and try not to use your phone.

This addiction affects your day to day activities on a large scale both physically as well as mentally. This could be because just like other drugs, smartphones also give an escape from reality. Studies have found that humans are attracted to things that give them a sense of distraction.

In earlier times, smartphones were used as a tool for communication, however, with time it is used for many other things. We don't just use our smartphones, we rely on them, and this has become a major concern.

Our brains on smartphones produce the same chemical ‘Dopamine’, the feel-good chemical, which gives us an instant high. Similarly, having access to a constant flow of information has all but destroyed attention spans.

The impacts of smartphone addiction don't stop there but goes beyond; our overuse of technology has completely transformed how we communicate and interact with other people. Instead of getting real face time with the people in our lives, we often hide behind a screen.

While technology can be a useful tool for keeping us connected, we have to be careful with when and how we use it. Follow these 5 easy steps to cut down on your screen time;

1.Don’t check your phone first thing in the morning

2.Stay away from blue light or any digital screen at least a hour before you go to bed

3.Open your curtains before bed and rely on natural light instead for digital alarms to wake up.

4.Use blue light filters on your screens

5.Install a Screen-Time Check app to monitor the time spent on screen on different apps.

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