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how to decide the required tonnage of ac

22 Apr 2020

What does tonnage in AC terms mean?

In general terms tonnage refers to the weight of an object or thing, whereas in the terms associated with AC world tonnage implies the amount of hot air a unit can remove from the room and cool.

Why AC tonnage is important?

Buying an AC with the right tonnage is an important factor. It does not simply depend on the size of the room, but also on the season during which the unit will be used, number of people in the room etc. But it is advisable to think of the peak temperature during which the unit will be used in a city.

An AC with a lesser tonnage will naturally require more time to cool the room compared to the one with a higher tonnage whereas the latter one will consume more power and energy.

General AC Tonnage size Guide

Keeping in mind the above factors and requirements of the user the following size logic will help you chose the AC with the right tonnage.

Up to 80 Square ft. Will need <1 Ton
81 to 120 Square ft. Will need 1 to <= 1.2 Ton
121 to 180 Square ft. Will need >1.2 to <= 1.5 ton
180 square ft. upwards Will need > 1.5 Ton

Various different tonnage calculators are available online to help users decide the required size of the AC unit, but the above table shows the most common and accurate results to help you guide through the size selection.

The results from different calculators have been combined to give you the most efficient size logic. However, it is always advisable to double check the specific model you are proposing to purchase for the size of room it is being planned for.

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