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21 Apr 2020

Save on electricity bills in 7 simple steps

Summers call for a check on electricity bills and the reasons are surely valid. Air conditioners are high electricity consuming appliances and must be used in an efficient manner to ensure lowest consumption of electricity and highest savings on power and money.

Air conditioners with high star ratings on energy efficiency may cost a little more but will save big bucks in the long run. Does Inverter AC really save electricity? Yes, it does and is a great investment in terms of power efficient mechanisms.

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But apart from buying modern Energy Star air conditioner models, there are some simple ways to run ACs efficiently and save a little more power on the electricity metres. This AC User’s Guide will give you top 6 hacks to save money on electricity bills

1. Close the room

The AC’s compressor will shut down its cooling and continue blow air at optimal speeds once the set temperature is achieved. To help the AC work efficiently, you can close the room so that the cooled as is not “wasted” and the compressor of the AC aren’t loaded unnecessarily.

2. Set temperate at optimum level

Setting the AC at 18℃ isn’t going to cool the room faster than if it is set at 25℃. The recommended optimum AC room temperature ranges between 23.5℃-25.5℃ in the summer months. This is the comfortable temperature you would yourself like to maintain in the room.

Hence it is wise to set the temperature at 24℃ or 25℃ once and not stress the compressor by fluctuating the settings again and again.

3. Use timer

At night the outdoors temperatures drop down too. Also, as we sleep our body temperatures adjust to that. A cooled room in the initial hours won’t require constant cooling throughout the night to comfort us. Rather such cooling will break our sleep pattern and cause discomfort and chills.

You can use a solution made up of your ordinary dish washing liquid and warm water. You can opt for mild exclusive fridge cleaning agents made up of natural elements like citrus oil.

4. Dim the room

Even when the doors are sealed heat can dissipate out of the window cracks. More so, glass windows can heat up from the outside temperatures which make the indoor cooling inefficient. You can close the curtains and pull down the blinds to help cooling further.

Also, to protect your room from direct sunlight, you may use tinted glasses or films on windows facing direct sunlight to help control the ambient temperatures within a room; thereby more efficient cooling of the room with the AC.

Indoor lighting especially incandescent bulbs release heat which can come as unnecessary hindrances for your AC to cool down continuously. Dim the lights if you don’t need them.

5. Unplug when not in use

The AC stays awake even when it is not turned on but the power supply is given. Have you noticed the green light blinking? Yes, exactly. Simply plug out the AC when not in use, especially when stepping out of the house.

6. Keep filters clean

Clean filters will help the Air Conditioner to breath easily. Clogged filters will strain the compressors as well as not provide the desired results. It is advised to clean the filter-nets as frequently as after every 200 hours of continuous use.

7. Seasonal servicing is a must

AC servicing is a crucial step to ensure efficient performance by your appliance. It will help with deep cleaning as when check for gas leaks which can drastically reduce the life of your appliance.

Be sure to call for authorised AC service partners and use authentic parts provided by them to save money as well as protect your AC manufacturer’s warranty.

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