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21 Apr 2020

Most salesmen and ad commercials endorse RO water purifiers, with features they claim will help you choose the best water purifiers from their catalogues, but fewer details are given out about their mechanism, technologies used, and post-sales maintenance required. Just like how every water purification system has features which pose as advantageous and disadvantageous, it is important to study every product and its feature before making an investment in such long-term home utility machines.

Here are some important pointers you may consider before selecting a water purifier best suited for your needs;

  • RO water purifiers can successfully remove dissolved impurities and toxin such as lead, mercury, pesticides, fluoride and arsenic which UV and UF filters fail to do. UV and UF filters need clean water to be passed through them; hence they are best used to filter out water from municipal distributions, whereas RO filters can work well on water from bore well.
  • There is a high probability that microorganisms can pass through the semi-permeable membrane used to filter in ROs. UV and UF can successfully kills are pathogens which can cause various water borne diseases.
  • UV filters don’t employ any chemicals for purification, and don’t affect the pH balance of the water. RO systems on the other hand work well on hard water, and dispense out softer water with improved taste, which some people might prefer, but some people may not.
  • The prices of RO water purifiers in India are particularly high when compared to UV and UF water filters.
  • The semi-permeable membrane employed in the RO systems, through which the water passes, slows this process. To speed it up, you need an electricity supply to boost the pressure of the incoming water, since RO systems can’t function well with the normal tap water pressure. Due to this negative factor, if one stays in a place where there is regular shortage of electricity, the right choice of RO purifiers for your home would be one with storage water tanks, which can be of small to large quantity tank sized, depending upon the strength of your family.
  • Also, this membrane is particularly sensitive to chlorine, making it susceptible to damage if the water supplied is provide by municipal corporations. In these cases, choose an RO water filtration system with a special coating of activated carbon granules layered upon the semi-permeable membranes for a long lasting performance.

With so many technologies and features each one has to offer, while weighing out pros and cons among them, be sure to keep post-sales services like reliable warranty, low cost of maintenance and easy availability of parts of the product purchased in mind. Be sure of checking all of those before you make an investment in a company product.

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