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top load vs front load washing machines advantages and disadvantages

16 Jun 2020

The most obvious question to answer while thinking of a new washing machine is “Which type of washing machine to buy?” Broadly, all washing machine models available in the market can be categorised of either a Front-load design, or of a Top-load design.

As the name correctly suggests, Top-load washing machines have a vertical washing drum inside its body, allowing you to load your clothes onto laundry by the window on the top. On the other hand, front-load washing machines have a horizontal drum and the clothes need to be fed-in by the front window. But the difference between top loading and front-loading washing machines isn’t only limited to the name.

Due to this minor change in the orientation of the washing unit inside, the entire washing process executes differently; both of these designs providing their own advantages and disadvantages. Here below is a comparison chart discussing the major top load vs. front load washers’ pros cons.

Conventional refrigerators

These economical refrigerator models work on a simple on and off mechanism. When the power is on and the doors of the refrigerators are closed, the compressors start at the highest, and honesty, at the only programmable speed of the cooling compressor. When an optimum low temperature is achieved, the compressors shut down automatically and start again when the temperatures begin to rise.

The advantage of conventional refrigerators is that they always cool as top speeds, giving high and fast results, and of course they are cheaper too. But when they start at such high load, not only they consume a lot of power, too much at times, but also produce a lot of noise during turning on.

Property Top-load washing machines Front-load washing machines
Friendly design It has the simplest and most user-friendly design. You need not bend your back to load and unload the washing machine. Most prominent feature is that you can add-in clothes from the top window any time during the washing process. Even though the front-load design looks sleek and attractive, unless washing machine is placed at a comfortable height, you will always have to bend down to add and unload your laundry from the machine. Also, you would always have to wait for the washing cycle to be over and water to be drained out first before you open the front window. Hence you can’t add more items in between the washing cycle.
Efficiency The vertical drum spins the clothes inside the drum to help clean them using friction produced among one another. This uses more power for spinning and more water for completely soaking-in the clothes. As we can see, it is a simple but inefficient mechanism. Due to the horizontal-drum design, the clothes inside the washing machine keep on rubbing against and falling on each other during the washing cycle due to gravity, hence giving it more efficient and effective wash with less electricity.
Washing quality Average washing quality. Best washing quality, especially for delicates since very fast spins are not required that may tear up the delicate clothes.
Water and Electricity consumption They consume more electricity and pump in more water for every wash cycle due to its inefficient design. You will save on both water and electricity bills in the long run due to its efficient washing mechanisms.
Cost Even though the long-term costs of electricity and water supply may be slightly more, Top-load washing machines are very economical and available at cheaper rates due to simple mechanisms and design. You will save on your power and electricity bills, but the primary cost of buying a Front-load washing machine will be a lot more due to the more complex functions.
Washing functions Economical machine will allow you more-or-less the major basic washing programs like auto-wash, quick-wash, woollen-wash, strong-wash, etc. If you are paying more for this machine, you are paying this price for an array for extra washing functions, up to 10-15 programs, which the Top-load washing machine won’t be able to be perform.
Drying Top-load washing machines will never allow you to achieve 100% drying of clothes in the vertical tub. Clothes spin-dry faster and better in a horizontal tub.
Stacking of separate dryer Separate dryer machines need to be placed side by side; stacking kits are not available for top load machines. In case you have a separate dryer, you can mount the dryer over the front load machine if you have floor space constraint.

Final thoughts

As we can see, both there are various advantages of top-load washing machines, primarily its simple design and economical price. Although one may challenge its efficiency, which on the other hand lists under the advantages of front-load washing machines.

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