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types of clothes dryer machines dryer buying guide

16 Jun 2020

Twin washer dryer combo machines cannot provide fully dry clothes in a single appliance. Dedicated electric dryers not only specialise in providing absolutely satisfactory results, but they also have dedicated mechanisms to help vent out moisture from the clothes, as well as the laundry area, leave a clean and dry environment after every cycle.

The types of electric dryers available in Indian markets can broadly be classified into 3 categories. You may choose one that best suits your requirements;

Vented dryers

These dryers blow hot air into the damp clothes tumbling inside the spinning drum. As drying the clothes inside the appliance produces a lot of moisture, the warm and moist air needs to be vented out using ducting hoses, expelling it out in a shaft, open window or ideally any open space out of the laundry room.

They use the simplest mechanisms, building the most affordable dryers in this list. But such cheap clothes dryer technology bumps in terms of energy consumption and generates a lot of noise too.

Condenser Dryer

Somewhat like the vented dryers but so not like them, condenser dryers too blow in warm air into the drum filled with wet clothes. As the heat makes the water evaporate from the items inside, the moisture generated is condensed and stored in a water tank that needs to be emptied, or dispensed out using a hose for drainage.

No external vents need to be built for the appliance to function; hence they are good for windowless room, or rented apartments where you don’t want to make modifications by installing vents. But to avoid moisture build up, it will always to advisable to install a condenser dryer in a well-ventilated area. This technology costs a little bit more than the vented dryers.

Heat Pump Dryer

The working mechanism behind these dryers is remarkably cost and energy efficient, giving credit to a small built-in heat pump that handles heating and cooling functions. Heated air is blown through the wet clothes. The condensed water is drained off and hot air inside is cooled down, only to be reheated and blown through the clothes again. No moisture is expelled out, making them ductless and ideal for rented apartments and windowless areas.

They are the most expensive of the other dryers listed here, but use less than half the energy of a vented or condenser dryer, especially owing to the recycling of air. Consequently, such efficient use by the system sums out to be cheaper than the other technologies in the long run, saving energy and money.

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