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interchangeable lens

What format of camera will you pair it with?
1) Full frames have larger image sensor and offer a wider field of view but are more expensive as compared to crop sensor / APS-C cameras. Full frames often produce better image quality, hence are often preferred by commercial / professional photographers. Crop sensor / APS-C DSLR is the one commonly used by beginners and hobbyists.

2) Mirrorless cameras are generally lighter and more compact compared to DSLRs but have fewer options when it comes to lenses and accessories, although they are catching up! DSLRs have an optical viewfinder whereas Mirrorless rely on LCD or electronic viewfinder, hence preview may suffer in low light or with fast moving subjects. The traditionalists find it dificult to accept Mirrorless technology but they seriously complete with DSLRs. Beyond a point, it's a personal choice.

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